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ADD:4/F.Meijie Industry and Trade Center, Chenwubei District Changping town, Dongguan City Guangdong province China,523582



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The lighting enterprise of East Bright Technology Limited (EBL) was started in 2010 when the LED technology started to expand to lighting application widely. At that time, China began to play a part important in R&D and production segments of the global lighting industry, and East Bright Technology Limited was established under that time background. Now EBL’s quality LED lighting products are satisfying the requirements from the global market .

After 6 years of development, now EBL has grown to be a professional provider of LED lighting solutions. Our manufactory is located in Changping town of Dongguan City, it covers about 3,000㎡ and owns almost hundred excellent employees. We can provide with the full industry cooperation including design, development, production, quality control and shipment. Our product line covers the commercial lighting and residential lighting, so we can satisfy the various requirements from different lighting applications such as the shops, superstore, museum, hotel and office etc. Especially we have rich experience for jewelry and boutique showcase lighting, our showcase lighting products are industry-leading in three aspects of color rendering, uniformity and structure design. Combining the advanced LED technology, smart fixture design and international quality control standards, EBL is able to produce the high quality LED lighting products for global market.

Solution design is the key to open the door of market. Good lighting product is needed to create optimum visual conditions. Our distribution photometer equipment can collect the IES file from the tested luminaire, by IES file coordinating with the project drawing we can make lighting simulation, so we can make customer to be aware of the illumination condition beforehand, thus the adjustment for luminaire arrangement and model selection becomes flexible. This work can help our buyers to win more projects in their market territory.

Quality & innovation are our legs for running. EBL’s factory is ISO9001 verified, we set up a complete set of quality management system. The strictly QC regulations infiltrates into the whole processing of development and production. We think highly of the sense of innovation and own many patented products, we enjoy solving customer’s problems by our creative products. We keep improving production technology purposing to make customer satisfied more.

We are shaped to meet customer’s needs and care for the environment also. Produce energy saving lights and green lights to reduce the environmental pollution and lower the energy consumption is the one of our endless mission. East Bright Technology Limited will keep doing efforts to create a better life with brilliant and environmentally-friendly lighting.

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