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  Q.: What about human rights and social responsibility issues in your factory?

  A.: We attaches great importance to these two aspects, we often inspected by

  a third party (SGS) for CSR.


  Q.: How capable is your company's quality control?

  A.: We are ISO9001 certificated factory, we have a complete and effective

  quality management system; the strictly QC regulations infiltrates into the

  whole processing of development and production. 


  Q.: What service does your factory can provide to the customer?

  A.: As a comprehensive factory, the services we provide customer with not

  only the production and shipment, but also the project planning, product design

  and development, quality evaluation and verification, warehouse storage,

  import & export and so on.


  Q.: Whether there’s innovation ability in your factory?

  A.: Yes, innovation is important to us. We are holding many patents for our own          

        products, our R&D team members are young guys but don’t lack of the  

        experience, they are the outstanding in the industry.


  Q.: What is your main products?

  A.: Our main products are the high quality of accent lighting products for a specific  

        space, Example: cabinet lighting, showcase lighting, counter lighting,

        shop window lighting and so on.

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