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How To Choose High-Quality LED Ceiling Light?
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

Home lighting is still slowly penetrating the field. So how should I buy it? LED ceiling light with high thermal conductivity of aluminum and patented technology design and production of new lanterns. LED ceiling light in the field of commercial lighting wider use.

First, see the use of Lights Radiator:

Light failure soon, light beads cooling speed determines the light of the light level of decline and life. Light beads for a long time in high temperature work. Life is very short, and the brightness of the bad lanterns, can not achieve the effect of key lighting.

The mainstream has a whole body radiator, a single Light beads a cooling column, there are additional fan cooling methods. LED ceiling Light radiator program.

To ensure timely cooling. The overall radiator is the heat generated by all the beads to the aluminum plate, the current user is more recognized way is a single Light beads a cooling column way. This way will each light bead light generated when the heat quickly spread out through the heat column. And then distributed through the radiator, heat dissipation slower.

Also affect the price of the whole Light. The size of the radiator, the quality of aluminum affects the speed of heat dissipation.

Second, look at the power of the Light (commonly known as the transformer)

Light beads used more than 50000 hours no problem, the transformer quality also determines the life of the whole Light. But if the transformer is broken, the whole Light will not afford to use the transformer within the electronic components, the design determines the transformer efficiency, power factor, stability, temperature rise, life.

From the transformer size, weight, the user does not understand the knowledge of components. As well as consult the manufacturer to use electrolytic capacitors and other aspects of the initial judgment. LED ceiling price difference, the transformer quality accounted for a small proportion.

Third, explain the Light beads of the brand and packaging:

Packaging technology impact Light quality, heat and other key factors. Light beads quality decision LED ceiling lighting effects. The price difference is big, the lighting effect is also big difference.

Depending on the integrity of the manufacturers level. The price is particularly low for the ceiling, the user can consult the manufacturer to understand the Light beads program. Many use of chip production line to lay the defective products to produce, color temperature is inconsistent, poor brightness, short life, the user needs attention.

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