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LED Cabinet Light Also Known As LED Jewelry Lights
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Jul 14, 2017

  LED Cabinet Light also known as LED jewelry lights, LED counter lights. It uses ultra-bright large chip three-core 5050 SMD LED as the light source, good heat dissipation, and the use of high thermal conductivity aluminum-based PCB, low heat; no UV, infrared and thermal radiation, jewelry and other jewelry no impact, environmental protection; Shell, the surface of the anodized, beautiful appearance, high grade, designed for jewelry and other exhibition cabinet lighting tailored; easy to install, has a unique structural design, easy installation, simple.

  LED cabinet lights generally use ultra-thin design, there are light bar and embedded two forms of structure. LED Cabinet Light have a variety of color temperature to choose from, the color temperature can be different according to the requirements of different objects. The support and lampshade of the lamp body are free to adjust the angle so as to achieve the lighting requirements at different angles in the room.

  In general, warm white (2700 ~ 3500K) for gold, LED Cabinet Light jade and other jewelry lighting, white light (4200 ~ 5500K) for precious stones, jade, jade and other jewelry lighting, cool white (6500 ~ 7500 K) For platinum, diamonds and other jewelry lighting.

  LED Cabinet Light as auxiliary lighting, widely used in jewelry, star hotels, brand clothing, high-end clubs, Bo cultural exhibition hall, chain stores, brand business hall, professional windows, LED Cabinet Light counters and other key lighting places, Tungsten lamp and metal halide lamp, as shown in Figure 6-28.

  LED cabinet lights if the cabinet with automatic light sensor switch with the use, can achieve automatic sensor control.

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