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LED Cabinet Light Exquisite Anodized Aluminum Lamps Made From Precision CNC Lathes
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

LED Cabinet Light is based on lighting, decorative use of a series of products developed. It is produced by precision CNC lathe aluminum alloy lamps, white light is the use of children's home, commercial lighting ideal new source, with a certain replacement of the traditional function, and color department is indoor, outdoor corridor ideal led decorative lamp.

Used for shop display window, restaurants, restaurants and other indoor decorative lighting, showrooms, art halls, museums, offices, reading rooms and other local lighting. Bar, disco, karaoke and other ambient lighting, such as day lanterns and other durable special environmental lighting, especially for jewelry, gold ornaments and fashion lighting.

The following advantages are mainly:

1, led Cabinet Lantern Festival can: white light led energy consumption is only 1/10 of the incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps 1/4.

2, LED Cabinet lamp life can reach more than 100,000 hours, for ordinary family lighting is "once and for all."

3, LED Cabinet lamp can work at high speed state. Energy-saving lamp if the frequent start or shutdown of the filament will be black and quickly broken.

4, LED Cabinet lamp is solid-state packaging, belongs to the type of cold light source. So it is easy to transport and install, can be installed in any miniature and closed equipment, not afraid of vibration, basically need not consider the heat dissipation.

5, LED technology is changing rapidly in progress, its luminous efficiency is making an astonishing breakthrough, the price is also declining. A white light led into the family era is coming quickly.

6, LED Cabinet light environmental protection, there is no harmful substances mercury. The assembly parts of LED bulbs can be disassembled easily and recycled by others without recycling by manufacturers.

Considerations for Installation

1, led cabinet lighting before the power cut off, should not be charged installation;

2, please electrician or have relevant experience of personnel installation;

3, the lighting with wood screws fixed on the non combustible objects;

4, avoid installation in the heat source object above, direct sunlight, airflow and temperature changes in the area of significant;

5, in front of the sensor should not affect its induction of obstacles or the heat source object has been moving;

6, to ensure maximum detection range, ceiling installation height: 2.5-3m, wall mount Height: 1.8-2m;

7, avoid exposing products to outdoor, direct rain position;

8. Do not touch the inductive lens with a sharp or coarse contaminant;

9, the induction switch should be installed position with the luminaire to maintain the distance of more than 50cm, and to avoid direct light on the sensor; LED cabinet lighting.

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