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LED Cabinet Light Features And Uses
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Oct 10, 2017

In the mall's container and display cabinets, company filing cabinets or in the hotel, the family cabinets, wardrobe, will use the back light. Conventional back light mainly MR16 halogen-based, high power consumption not only the cabinet temperature is high, so that the presence of damaged material may be stored in the cabinet, and the halogen lamp due to the short service life and need frequent replacement, increases the maintenance costs The Now with the LED product production process to improve and reduce the price, the gradual use of LED as a cabinet lights, and has been widely promoted.

1, LED cabinet light product features are: the traditional combination of energy-saving lamps with the latest green light, use LED as a light source of low power, metal heat dissipation structure design surface using the surface light sand production quality glass, high transmittance More than 93%. LED cabinet lights can be used as home, commercial premises, building public places, furniture, hotels, store cabinets, entertainment lighting, auxiliary lighting, its application is very extensive. The use of LED lights can not only meet the traditional lighting and control requirements, and can use red, green, blue LED, play the role of rendering. LED cabinet lights the main features are: breaking the traditional lighting blind spot, improve the quality of modern home life, especially the new atmosphere of light and shadow structure environment.

2, Led cabinet lamp has a wide range of applications, whether used in the kitchen, or as wardrobes, lights and display cabinets, the common position of the cabinet is relatively fixed and the cabinet itself larger scale, in the above cabinet once After the installation is not easy to move, and according to the reliability of the entire LED cabinet lights higher. LED lights cabinet main components of LED lamps and only the drive power, while the lamp cabinet according to use conditions of view, the use of LED lamps is usually intermittent, the heat dissipation of LED lamps is not a major factor affecting the reliability of the LED lamp cabinet That is, by the drive power to bear.

3, as the LED light radiator is how to design it? LED heat dissipation design materials and components are mainly heat dissipation design materials are heat dissipation substrate, condensation layer material and heat dissipation device 3 kinds. The role of the heat dissipation substrate is connected with the thermal layer inside the LED, and the heat is derived and distributed. It is a technical means to solve the problem that the circuit connection between the unit LEDs and the cooling channel is independent of each other. The heat-dissipating substrate has a metal PCB and there is a technical means such as a large expansion coefficient and a relatively independent problem. The heat dissipation substrate has the problems of large metal matrix and metal matrix composite coefficient and relative density. The metal matrix composite material is an improved type of metal PCB, which has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, low relative density and adjustable coefficient of expansion.

4, LED chip and the heat of the adhesive material with thermal plastic, thermal plastic hardening degree of less than 150 degrees low thermal conductivity, thermal effect is poor. As for the aluminum in the crust of the highest content of metal, due to high thermal conductivity, low density, low prices are welcome to become the ideal choice for radiator processing; but because of the small aluminum hardness, in a variety of applications Usually mixed with a variety of formula made of aluminum alloy, in order to obtain many of the characteristics of pure aluminum does not have. Various aluminum alloy of different molding, processing methods, applied to different areas of the way, especially applied to the aluminum alloy LED cabinet lights special by domestic and foreign users welcome.

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