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LED Ceiling Light And Downlight What Is The Difference
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

With the progress of our living standards, the request for lighting is also getting higher and higher, lighting not only have the basic characteristics of lighting, but also the need for decorative, can set off with the improvement of the decoration of the room taste. LED ceiling light and LED downlights are not in the home decoration when the lighting and decorations. They are both energy saving and environmental protection together with the light color is more soft, is to create a home necessities.

But because LED ceiling light and LED downlight in the appearance of a great similarity, so many people may not be clear on the two points, do not know these two types of lights have any differences, to use the home of the Han position, As well as the use of the role of what is not the same. Today we explain the difference between the two and not the same role.

Briefly, the LED downlight is a kind of light that is more polished in general, and is usually used for lighting or auxiliary lighting. LED ceiling light is a highly condensed light with light To have a specific guideline. Mainly for special lighting, such as focusing on a very taste may be very innovative place.

We from the following aspects to differentiate LED ceiling light and LED downlight.

1. From the offer point of view, the same grade LED downlight offer higher than the LED ceiling light. LED downlights are usually large, medium and small, take the United States to produce electronic LED downlight, for example, 3 * 2W attributed to the trumpet, 6 * 2W, 9 * 2W attributed to the middle downlight, 12 * 2W Large downlight, the three offer is not the same. This difference is not primarily reflected in the size of the commodity, but by the quality of the LED and the characteristics of the goods determined. LED downlight demand power, and LED ceiling light does not require power supply, the use of more convenient, so LED ceiling will offer a lower number.

2. From the light point of view, LED ceiling light and LED downlights are used as a light source LED, LED with energy saving, environmental protection features, is the most anticipated light source at this stage. LED downlight light source to the majority of astigmatism, brightness can be laid open, astigmatism luminous point of view is usually 120 degrees; LED ceiling light source is usually condenser role, condenser light exposure point of view 30-60 degrees, embedded LED ceiling light Usually light source point of view can be adjusted 30 degrees, downlight light source point of view can not conditioning.

LED light bulb brightness is very good, can be directly as a substitute for the usual lighting; and LED ceiling as decoration may be decorated the role may be very good, its color is more lucrative and stronger condenser, the object has a heavy and prominent effect.

3.LED ceiling light and LED downlight the use of the direction is also different. LED ceiling light can be divided into track type, point hanging and embedded and so on. Usually with a transformer, but also with no transformer. Built-in LED ceiling light can be installed in the ceiling. LED ceiling light is mainly used for demand or reflect the intentions, such as TV wall, paintings, jewelry, etc., can play a rhyme to enhance the role. LED downlights are usually installed in the ceiling, usually the ceiling needs more than 150mm to be installed. Of course, downlight also has an external type. In the no dome or chandelier area device downlight is a good selection, light related to the LED ceiling to be soft. Embedded LED downlight and LED ceiling lights have hole size, LED ceiling opening size is usually smaller than the light, that LED downlight light holder than the LED ceiling light larger. In general, the LED downlight to play the role of lighting more, so corridor aisle more devices; LED ceiling light condenser play a role in lighting, and more for the ceiling around, perhaps the backdrop, shop points lighting.

Consumers in the purchase of LED ceiling light or LED downlight as a decoration of the time, we must understand their own intentions, is placed on the direction of decoration, so targeted to pick the right to buy their own goods. 

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