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LED Ceiling Light And Spotlights The Difference
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

LED ceiling light and spotlights the difference

Simply put, LED ceiling light is a kind of ordinary lighting fixture with more condenser, generally used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. Spotlight is a highly condensed lamp, its light mapping is to have a specific purpose can be specified. Mainly for special lighting, such as the emphasis on a very taste or very innovative central. We from these aspects to identify LED ceiling and spotlights.

1, from the light source to see LED ceiling lamp can be installed incandescent bulbs, can also be installed energy-saving lamps. When the incandescent lamp is yellow. When installed energy-saving lamps, the light bulb type can be white or yellow. LED light source of the direction of light can not be conditioning. We can directly see the LED ceiling lamp energy-saving lamp, and waterproof LED ceiling is added to the outside of a waterproof glass cover. Ordinary household lighting is a quartz lamp, or lamp beads. Of course, large spotlights are not necessarily made of quartz bulbs. Quartz light bulb as long as yellow light. And the direction of the ordinary spotlight can be calmly conditioning.

2, from the application location to see LED ceiling lights are generally installed in the ceiling, the general demand for more than 150mm ceiling can be installed. Of course, LED ceiling also has an external type. In the no dome or chandelier area device LED ceiling light is a good choice, light related to the spotlight to be moderate.

Spotlights can be divided into track-type, point-hanging and embedded and other kinds. Spotlights with a transformer, but also with no transformer. Built-in spotlights can be installed in the ceiling. Spotlights are mainly used for needs to emphasize or performance of the ground, such as TV wall, paintings, jewelry, etc., to play the rhyme to enhance the effect.

3, from the price point of view at the same level, spotlights to be more expensive.

LED ceiling light is generally large (5 inch) in (4 inch) small (2.5 inch) three. Trumpet current market price between 20-15 yuan, medium 28-32 yuan between the large between 36-48 yuan. Of course, the above prices do not contain light source. LED ceiling lights are horizontal and vertical insert two, horizontal insert price is more expensive than vertical.

It should be noted that the spotlights can not be used for the general gap between the wool fabric, can not be close to the flammable obstacles, or easy to cause a fire. Although the spotlight power consumption, but in the right place it has a very different effect. There are colorful lights and decorative lights do not have the flavor. However, today's lighting to carry out today, the above conclusion may no longer appropriate, and now are basically using LED as a light source, the above defects can handle LED ceiling light device Location: Indoor applications: for automotive show , Jewelry, high-end clothing, professional windows, counters and other key lighting places, is to replace the traditional halogen and metal halide lamp ideal light source.

1, embedded device in the ceiling

2, plus installation bracket or track as a light transmission or spotlights use

3, plus boom or cable as chandelier use floodlight is not a spotlight, projection lamp, spotlights. The floodlight produces a highly diffuse, non-directional light rather than a clear beam of light, so the resulting shadows are gentle and transparent, and the illumination is much slower when illuminated with a spotlight, As well as some lighting weakened very slow floodlights, looks like a light source does not produce shadows. While the spotlight projects a directional, bordery beam that illuminates a particular area.

LED ceiling light angle than the angle of the ceiling to large, LED ceiling light projection angle of 60 degrees or more, and the general projection angle of the spotlight is about 30 degrees, but the face of the use of the same is not the same, The lamp is put the light cup into the LED ceiling light inside the LED ceiling.

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