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LED Ceiling Light Future Development Design Thought
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Aug 09, 2017

  LED Ceiling Light Future Development Design Thought.

  1. humanized

  Designed to be human. LED lighting design of the lighting design concept, the main humanized lighting, people-oriented, LED Ceiling Light people's emotional-oriented lighting concept. Stressed what age people use what color of light, what occasion with what color of light, with lights to change people's emotions. The type of lamp has applied for a number of patents, and the formation of theoretical system.

  2. Application of intelligent

  Intelligent induction lamps. LED and intelligent sensor combination, so that the energy-saving LED lamps more energy efficient. The lamp in the case of general unmanned LED to 20% of the brightness to provide basic lighting; LED Ceiling Light when someone into the sensor area, the LED was 100% brightness lighting. Energy efficiency increased by 50%.

  3. Performance diversification

  Such as the development of infrared sensor lights, radar sensor lights, and in accordance with the structure of the lamp requirements, LED Ceiling Light design a variety of 350 degrees can be rotated and 360 degree rotation of the lamps. This new type of lamp can produce a strong catalytic degradation function, can effectively degrade toxic and harmful gases in the air, kill a variety of bacteria, and bacteria or fungi can release the toxins and harmless treatment; also has deodorant, anti Pollution and other functions. Furniture that installs photocatalyst lamps can disinfect, sterilize, remove odor, it can release atomic oxygen in a short period of time, rely on strong oxidation to destroy the biological structure of bacteria, LED Ceiling Light viruses and other microorganisms, so that the loss of survival and reproduction The ability to block the spread of pathogens and the body's infection.

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