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LED Ceiling Light Is A Kind Of Embedded In The Ceiling Light Shot Under The Lighting
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

LED ceiling light is a kind of embedded in the ceiling light shot under the lighting. Not because of the setting of the Light and destroy the perfect unity of the ceiling art. , Its biggest feature is to maintain the overall unity of the building decoration and perfect, with the structural advantages of the use of light source hidden architectural interior, LED light source is not exposed, do not stimulate the eye skin! Installation need to pay attention to:

1. Due to the different forces of ceilings, ceilings (such as plain wood, solid wood, lime paste board, lime-coated cement, synthetic papaya ceiling, etc.), some cases require the use of screws to fix the fixture.

2. As the lighting is relatively heavy, when the installation, please inform the relevant engineering staff (such as electrical) according to the hardness of the ceiling force and the purchase of expansion bolts or lengthened screws, the installation of the corresponding force screw.

3.LED ceiling lights are electrical products, installation must have experience and related documents of professional electrician master to help assist in the installation, so as to avoid unnecessary safety accidents. LED Ceiling Light Please try to test before installing it.

4. Install the LED ceiling light before the entire circuit must be checked to avoid leakage phenomenon, resulting in personal safety, before the installation of professional electrician personnel to install, do not install it privately.

5. Confirm the working voltage of the Light. Before powering on the Light, make sure that the working voltage of the Light is correct. Damage to the Light may result in permanent damage to the Light.

6. Installation of LED ceiling light should be avoided in the heat source and hot steam, corrosive gas sites, so as not to affect life.

7. Before installation, be sure to cut off the power, turn off the switch, and also to prevent electric shock, before installation, please check the size of the installation hole to meet the requirements of the same time check the terminal and power input cable connection is firm, if loose, please lock and then Operation, otherwise it may cause the Light can not be normal light; check the Light and the mounting surface is smooth fit, if the gap, please make appropriate adjustments. Packing: Inner Packing: small carton / single outer packing: carton / 12 transport, storage requirements: LED ceiling light before the installation for the carton packaging, in the transport process is not allowed by the impact of severe mechanical shock and rain, do not touch the light bulb surface. Try not to install where there is heat and corrosive gas!

8. Products using high pressure (110V / 220V) power Light cup, should not work in the frequent power off state.

9. Put the installation hole on the ceiling of the mall in advance according to the required size, and connect the power cord to the terminal of the Light, pay attention to the positive and negative. After the wiring is completed Check that the installation is correct, the spring card is erected, inserted into the mounting hole together with the Light body, and the LED ceiling can be automatically inserted. Turn on the power, the Light can work properly.

10. Misunderstanding: installation location in the absence of vibration, no swing, no fire hazard of the open location, pay attention to avoid falling at high altitude, hard objects collision, percussion. Long term Not applicable Place in dry and ventilated place! Cable laying should be followed by the electrical equipment from the far to the nearest distribution room laying in the cable tube at the mouth of the use of flame retardant sealing material for sealing. Motor, field operation column and other electrical equipment and cable between the use of explosion-proof flexible connection pipe connection, the other please refer to the installation of Lights attached to the installation instructions, refer to the instructions for installation.

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