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LED Ceiling Light Is A Stylish High-end Commercial Lighting Products
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

LED ceiling light is a stylish high-end commercial lighting products, LED technology with the continuous maturity, LED ceiling also commercial lighting market occupies a lot of market share, LED ceiling brand, product performance are different, So, as the use of consumption, how to distinguish between the quality of LED ceiling light, the following give you a detailed explanation of the LED ceiling lights of the technical issues:

LED ceiling light is installed in the ceiling for lighting a kind of optoelectronic products, then how to distinguish between the quality of the product is good or bad?

1: from the appearance of distinction: good quality LED ceiling light appearance is very fine, detailed workmanship, LED ceiling radiator do not rough, the installation will not hurt the phenomenon of hand, good LED ceiling light from the shell election material start It is very particular about the car aluminum, polished, cold calcined are very detailed.

2: from the light color and color distinction: good quality LED ceiling light high brightness, good color consistency, pure color, no variegated, no aperture, no yellow, with a batch of lanterns will not produce color and brightness Not the same phenomenon.

3: from the material configuration to distinguish: high-quality LED ceiling light selection of the chip must be the brand of the chip, only the brand's chip to ensure the consistency of color and brightness.

4: require manufacturers to ensure the service life, generally good LED ceiling Light life will be 3-5 years, as long as the manufacturer can give consumers to ensure that the service life to 3 to 5 years, then the LED ceiling material, workmanship, quality It will not be bad.

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