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LED Ceiling Light Power Supply Design Of The Three Key Points
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

1.LED Ceiling Light power supply why must constant flow of it?

LED semiconductor characteristics of its decision by the environmental impact of larger, such as the temperature rise, LED current will be added; voltage to add, LED current will be added. Long time beyond the extra current operation, will greatly shorten the life of the LED. The LED constant current is in the temperature and voltage and other environmental factors change, to ensure that its operating current unchanged.

2, LED Ceiling Light power to how to match with the light board?

(Such as I> 350mA, V <40V); either the current is too small, the voltage is too high (such as I <350V, V <40V); or the current is too small, the voltage is too high (such as I < 40mA, V> 180V), the result is severe heat, low power, perhaps the input voltage scale can not. In fact, the selection of a best string and parallel method, added to each LED on the voltage and current are the same, and the role of power can carry the best function. The best way is to first communicate with the power supply manufacturers, tailor-made.

3, LED Ceiling Light power supply operating current is how much is the most appropriate?

Usually LED extra operating current 20 mA, and some factories used to the end, depicting 20 mA, in fact, this operation is very hot current, after repeated experiments, depicted as 17 ~ 19 mA is ambiguous The referral is depicted as 18 mA. 

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