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LED Ceiling Light Super Environmental Protection
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

  LED ceiling light is mainly used in indoor lighting. Appearance is relatively small, and loading and unloading are more convenient, so by home improvement and many consumers love.

  The next few years, according to research shows. LED ceiling light will be rapid development, most likely in a short time to replace the local incandescent products, become a necessity of the home. This is mainly because of its performance and appearance are far more than ordinary light bulbs, in addition, energy conservation and environmental protection is also an important reason for concern.

  1.LED lanterns long life: can continue to light up to 50,000 hours, LED ceiling lamp life is ordinary incandescent, halogen 10 times. 8 hours a day, can be used for eight years, this is incandescent bulbs can not be compared

  2.LED ceiling light super environmental protection: no radiation, using low-voltage constant current drive power. No light strokes, the brightness of the light is always the same, and there is no light in the light, there is no electromagnetic interference; ordinary light bulb containing mercury pollution, and damage to the broken glass may also cause harm to the human body.

  3.LED ceiling light ultra-low fever: even if the hand touch will not have a very hot feeling, LED light cup surface temperature is only about 50 degrees. Relatively safe and reliable; but the ordinary light heat is higher, especially as light and other large lights, long time after the light, never touch to hand, which also shows the LED ceiling light conversion rate, More efficient.

  4.LED ceiling light super energy: corridor or aisle placed a display LED ceiling light, LED ceiling light can save 90% of electricity. Can be used to make long lights, low power consumption and high luminous efficiency.

  5.LED ceiling light generous: and the appearance of the use of high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy shell, LED ceiling lamp crystal clear crystal beads. Not only good ventilation, and thin and stylish, is also a good ornament; but the ordinary light bulb appearance is relatively simple boring, due to the use of tungsten light high heat, a long time not only light bulbs easy to change, but also as a decoration The lamp body shell roasted, deformation.

  LED ceiling light is a kind of embedded in the ceiling under the light of the lighting type lighting. Not because of the setting of the lamp and destroy the perfect unity of the ceiling art. Its biggest feature is to maintain the overall unity of the building decoration and perfect, with the structural advantages of the use of light hidden building interior decoration, LED light source is not exposed, do not stimulate the eye skin!

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