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LED Ceiling Light The Benefits Of Traditional Technology
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Oct 10, 2017

The LED is driven by a DC voltage that maintains high brightness even at low voltage and low current conditions. In the same lighting use, compared to other lighting solutions, LED ceiling light can save up to 80%. High brightness LED life can be up to 60,000 to 100,000 hours; and incandescent bulbs only 1,000 hours. In addition, the LED response speed is very fast (100ns ~ 1ns).

1. LED ceiling light standard small, anti-vibration, impact resistance

Compared with LED, spiral energy-saving bulb and T5 fluorescent lamp, incandescent light bulb lighting power only 12lm / W, life less than 2,000 hours; spiral energy-saving light bulb lighting power of 60lm / W, life of about 8,000 hours; and T5 The lamp's lighting power is 96 lm / W, the life of about 10,000 hours. 5mm white LED lighting power of 20 ~ 28lm / W, life of about 100,000 hours. Obviously, compared with the traditional lighting products, LED ceiling lamp life longer, and the characteristics are more attractive (LED high power ceiling).

2. High-brightness light-emitting diode is a high-power high-brightness LED, with its production of LED lanterns longer life, the standard smaller, and program active, has become a traditional incandescent bulbs and halogen alternative products The

3. LED ceiling light monochrome excellent, commonly used colors include red, green, yellow and orange. The color can be changed by changing the current, and different from the traditional cold cathode fluorescent tube (CCFL), LED does not contain the spectrum of ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and harmful mercury metal element content is also less conducive to environmental protection.

In view of this, LED ceiling light compared to the usual lighting, the advantage is very obvious, so follow the selection of incandescent, the mall will eventually be occupied by LED lamps.

In the low-carbon economy, energy saving and environmental protection under the large background, these years China LED ceiling light and other related industries to start fast (bathroom interval). With the growing demand for energy saving and environmental protection, LED industry has been optimistic about the prospects, in the infinite potential of interest driven by many companies to develop industrial policies to promote the LED industry's sensitive growth.

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