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LED Linear Light Flexibility Is Not Easy To Break
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Sep 04, 2017

First, the characteristics of LED linear lights

Can be placed on the aluminum-based circuit board in red and blue order in a straight line, with a dedicated driver chip control, constitute the infinite color and graphics. The shell is made of aluminum alloy (electrostatic oxidation), high strength, impact resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, dust, moisture, protection class IP67.

LED linear lights with small power consumption, no heat, impact resistance, long life, etc., with the controller, you can achieve water, gradient, jump, chase and other effects.

LED linear lights are widely used in building contours, building lighting and wall washing and other occasions, is beautifully decorated city environment ideal choice; built-in control mode, no controller to achieve synchronous changes, easy installation.

Second, LED straight lights overview

LED linear lights colorful, bright and charming. Using three primary colors (R, G, B) composition, can display more than 60,000 colors, play Symphony and video effects can be achieved. LED linear light control mode unique: DMX512 improved version of the SDMX512 control mode control, to break the DMX512 control mode control points of the shortcomings, to overcome the lack of RS-485 communication, is a design for the LED line lights control system.

1, LED light source (light-emitting diode)

(1), the luminous angle of 120 degrees, red, green, blue light in the middle of the median brightness are: Red: 650MCD Green: 1500MCD Blue: 400MCD, is the same product more than 2 times the brightness, so as to achieve less energy conversion Multi-light effect. Eventually making the whole project more energy efficient.

(2), because we have a 120 degree angle SMD5050 full color LED as a light source, plus this LED has a good light distribution, so our products can ensure that at any angle viewing will not produce dark areas, and not There will be color cast phenomenon.

(3), the circuit protection measures drag the design of each LED inside the Zener diode, which play a role in electrostatic protection.

2, drive device (IC)

Taiwan imported constant current driver IC, low power consumption, long life, stable quality, stable output current supply LED lights.

3,4, PCB (printed circuit board)

Aluminum-based copper-platinum-plated sheet of low water absorption, excellent moisture resistance with good flexibility, easy to break, high and low temperature is not easy to deformation and so on.

4, waterproofing: the use of secondary full plastic irrigation waterproofing, so that the protection level IP67 above.

5. Dedicated gold-plated data waterproof connector

As the data signal on the waterproof requirements are extremely high so the design of the waterproof connector is also very particular about; carefully designed spiral lock waterproof structure, easy to operate, reliable performance. The connector waterproof washer is made of high elastic weathering silicone, with long lasting elasticity, anti-aging and so on. Metal plug terminals using high-quality copper and gold-plated surface treatment, anti-oxidation ability, and to ensure a strong contact and excellent electrical conductivity. Waterproof joints to join the special antioxidants, once again improve the moisture and water resistance.

6, sealed waterproof:

The internal light board adopts transparent electronic organic silica gel sealing and sealing technology, so that the electronic components on the board and the light and air contact, so that components are not easy to be corrosion and waterproof performance more reliable. (When the PC shell into the water, the lamp board soaked in water is still working).

Third, LED line lamp waterproof drive power, can be directly installed in any place outdoors, easy to track, easy maintenance.

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