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Tell The LED Ceiling Light Power Requirements
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Aug 09, 2017

  Tell the LED Ceiling Light power requirements.

  LED ceiling lights are powered by the mains, so the power must also be the mains input, the English called Off-Line, commonly used as a commercial power supply. LED ceiling light mains power supply indicators are as follows:

  1) power output power: LED ceiling size and power must match the power of the radiator to be large enough, so as to meet the cooling needs.

  2) power efficiency: general isolation in the 80% ~ 85 010, non-isolated in about 90%.

  3) Power supply power factor (PF): No correction of PF 0.55 ~ 0.6, plus PF correction in the 0.9 ~ 0.9.

  LED drive power is divided into isolated and non-isolated two, is the load side is 220V isolated from the phase line. Generally speaking, non-isolated because there is no need to isolate the transformer, so the cost is low, but the requirements of aluminum plate pressure is high, otherwise the radiator is likely to live. So it is not easy to pass the safety inspection. Isolation is relatively safe, relatively easy to pass safety, but the cost is high.

  LED Ceiling Light Assembly Process Considerations

  1) coated with thermal grease can not spread to the PCB of the solder pad, the thermal grease to be painted evenly, pay attention to the work of the table surface cleaning, can not heat the silicone grease fell on the work surface.

  2) Do not touch the manual welding of the thermal grease on the PCB, the soldering iron soldering temperature should not exceed the LED welding temperature and welding time. Pay attention to the welding quality and appearance of solder joints, pay attention to LED lamp beads and PCB "+", "a" very consistent welding, do not reverse.

  3) adjust the constant current power supply current, voltage power supply parameters, do not overload test, test pen points on the PCB power supply "+", "a" pole, is strictly prohibited power short-circuit or LED overload test.

  4) Thermal grease can not block screw holes.

  5) screws to completely lock the PCBA and the heat sink of the PCB thermal panel, thermal grease can not dirty the PCB surface.

  6) power "+", "a" very pad wiring do not get the reverse, the red wire is "+", black wire is "one", manual welding can not burn LED lamp beads, LED Ceiling Light can not have Weld or short circuit / Breaking phenomenon.

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