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We Distinguish The LED Ceiling Light And LED Tube Light From The Following Aspects
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

We distinguish the LED ceiling Light and LED tube light from the following aspects.

1. From the light source, led lanterns and led tube lights are led as light source, LED lights with energy-saving, environmental protection features, is the most popular at this stage of the light source. LED tube light source effect to the majority of astigmatism, brightness can be laid out, light effect luminous angle generally at 120 degrees; LED ceiling light source is generally concentrating effect, concentrating effect luminous angle is 30-60 degrees, embedded LED ceiling Light light source angle can be adjusted 30 degrees, the angle of the tube light sources is not adjustable. LED tube light brightness is better, can be directly used as a substitute for ordinary lighting, and led day lanterns as decoration or embellishment of the effect may be better, its color is richer and more concentrated, the object has emphasis and prominent role.

2. From the price, the same level of LED Light price is higher than the LED day lantern. LED Tube Light General has big, medium, three kinds, take the appropriate US electronic production LED tube Light For example, 3*2w belongs to the trumpet Light, 6*2w, 9*2w belong to Medium Light, 12*2w belong to large tube Light, three price is different. This difference is mainly not reflected in the size of the product, but by the quality of LED and product characteristics determined. LED Light need power supply, and led Day lantern does not need distribution source, use more convenient, so led day lantern price will be lower.

3. Led Day lantern and LED Light application location is also different. LED Ceiling Light can be divided into orbital type, point hanging and embedded type and so on. Usually with Transformers, but also with no transformers. Inline led ceiling lanterns can be mounted in the ceilings. LED ceiling lantern is mainly used for the need to emphasize or performance purposes, such as TV wall, hanging painting, jewelry, etc., you can play the light rhyme to enhance the effect. LED tube Lights are generally installed in the ceiling, the general ceiling needs to be more than 150mm to install. Of course, the tube Light also has an external type. Installing the Light in the area without a ceiling or chandelier is a good choice, and the light is softer relative to the LED day lantern. Embedded ledled tube lights and ceiling lanterns are open hole size, led day lanterns open hole size is generally smaller than the tube Light, that is, LED Light light frame than led lanterns larger. In general, LED tube lights to the lighting effect more, so the corridor aisle is more installed, LED ceiling light concentrating effect on the focus of lighting, more for the ceiling around, or the background wall, shop key lighting used. Consumer friends in the purchase of LED lanterns or LED Light as decoration, it is necessary to understand their purpose, is placed in what position to decorate, so targeted to choose to buy a suitable product.

LED Ceiling Light is a high-grade modern decoration lighting, soft light, a wide range of irradiation, often used in supermarkets, high-end hotels, jewelry counters decorated. Next we will enjoy the exquisite day lantern effect map and understand the relevant information of the day lantern. The life of the lantern is long, the normal condition can reach 50000H equivalent to 50 incandescent Light life. Day lanterns are all using low light attenuation high-power led as light source, energy-saving, efficient, environmental protection and other characteristics to meet the needs of the times.

We often in the car show, jewelry, high-end apparel, professional window, counters and other key lighting places to see the day lantern figure. Compared with the Light, it is based on scattering light source, the irradiation area is wide, the light is soft and the spot is even.

The day lantern is called Day lantern, because it is embedded in the ceiling installed, the installation is not the same, the use of different effects. If the mounting bracket or track is used as a light or light beam, a derrick or cable is used as a chandelier.

The correct use of the day Lantern can prolong the service life, led day the use of the ambient temperature of the lantern is generally 30 degrees + 50 degrees. In addition, you should pay attention to the ceiling ceiling Light radiator, drive, light bead factors and not only the price.

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