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What Is The Purpose Of The LED Ceiling Light?
East Bright Technology Limited | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

  What is the purpose of the LED ceiling Light?

  I would like everyone on the LED ceiling has a certain understanding, then what is the use of its shell? Common LED ceiling Light shell is mainly made of aluminum alloy material, it is good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, this kind of LED ceiling Light shell has a strong antioxidant capacity, can effectively prevent the break. Because this LED ceiling shell made of special materials, it can also be effective against UV.

  Iron LED ceiling shell, thermal conductivity is good, but the heat is slow, heat loss. This LED ceiling Light weather resistance is poor, anti-oxidation performance is not high, so it is easy to rust, with the oxidation of iron rust, LED ceiling Light cooling capacity greatly reduced. So the market is not much use of this LED ceiling Light shell, but because of its cheap, or have a certain market.

  Aluminum alloy LED ceiling Light cooling capacity depends on the thermal conductivity of the metal. LED ceiling Light material, the greater the thermal conductivity, then the LED ceiling Light cooling capacity of the stronger. Aluminum alloy LED ceiling shell shell thermal conductivity is relatively high, its cooling capacity is relatively better.

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